Canada stands up to shariah law (for once)


I am so proud of Canada for this.  People who want to join a society should not do so if they cannot expect to live by its principles.  It is a violation of social contracts: just as you wouldn’t join a club if you don’t have the intention of following its rules, you should not try to become a citizen if you do not abide by its values.

As a feminist, I think that the veil is a symbol of the barbaric patriarchy which encompasses the entire islamic world.  Of course the ironic thing is that muslim men will whine and scream about how this is a violation of ‘their’ freedoms.  The veil is a symbol of mysogynistic oppression against women and totally at odds with Western culture. It symbolizes that a woman’s body is somehow sinful and evil; and that they must hide it so they do not corrupt the men, who just cannot help themselves. In other words, women are responsible for making men sin.  These ideas violate the very idea of gender equality.

Actually the whole “burka is freedom” argument is a truly laughable claim because a muslim woman in Canada has the right to live without fear, is entitled to gender equality, can take a job, is free to wear anything from a bikini to a business suit, and can openly announce that she doesn’t want to be oppressed.  She can drive her own car, get a divorce if she pleases, and vote.

Separation of church and state is one of the most sacred principles of our beloved democracies.  This is because when we live in a society we make our own rules and abide by them first, and then to realize god we practice religion which again is realizing other humans, animals and existence in general. If we are against the same society of which we are a product of what does it show?  Ultimately, one has to learn to live in tune with society and so when the legislation has been passed one has to learn to adjust with that instead of bringing out personal religious practices outside the “self” as every “self” has their own religions.

You know that when Canada is standing up to shariah and America isn’t (and in some ways is actually helping them along, albeit not intentionally, for example trying to ban gay marriage), there’s something wrong.  I hope America stands up to islam before it’s too late.

While we’re on the topic, here’s an excellent essay by the French scholar Bernard-Henri Levy on why a Burka ban must be supported.

Say no to dhimmitude, no to patriarchy and no to islam!

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