More About Ron “I-hate-blacks-gays-and-jews” Paul

With Ron Paul ascending in Iowa, winning the hearts of independents, and even the endorsement of Andrew Sullivan, it’s worth pointing something out: Ron Paul is not a kindly old libertarian who just wants everybody to be free. He’s a really creepy bigot.

Around four years ago, James Kirchick reported a lengthy story delving into Paul’s worldview. As Kirchick writes, Paul comes out of an intellectual tradition called “paleolibertarianism,” which is a version of libertarianism heavily tinged with extremist cultural views. The gist is that Paul is tied in deep and extensive ways to neo-Confederates, and somewhat less tightly to terrorist groups like the militia movement. His newsletter, which he wrote and edited for years, was a constant organ of vile racism and homophobia. This is not just picking out a phrase here and there. Fear and hatred of blacks and gays, along with a somewhat less pronounced paranoia about Jewish dual loyalty, are fundamental elements of his thinking. The most comparable figure to Paul is Pat Buchanan. (emphasis is my own – FC)

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2 Responses to More About Ron “I-hate-blacks-gays-and-jews” Paul

  1. Ryan Vann says:

    Why wouldn’t someone be concerned with Israeli (not Jewish), or any nationality, dual loyalty? It’s called a conflict of interest, and shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend unless you have an agenda or blinders. Why we are at it, why shouldn’t there also be a critical eye towards multinational corporations, and campaign contributions?

    • Ok let’s say that someone has Israel’s interests at mind. I say it doesn’t matter. Israel isn’t the Soviet Union, Iran, China, or some evil dictatorship. Israel is a democracy, and the only one in the Middle East.

      Israel’s interests are America’s interests. So even IF someone had “dual loyalties” it wouldn’t even matter.

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