Christopher Hitchens, RIP

I was very sad to learn that Christopher Hitchens had passed away at the age of 62.  I have not felt so sad since I learned of Simon Wiesenthal’s death in 2005.  Hitchens had much to contribute to the world.  While I didn’t necessarily agree with everything he had to say, I respect him because he was intelligent, articulate, and honest.  We lost a great man and intellect in the passing of Hitchens.  Anyone who disagrees is merely a fanatic and must be ignored.

Here is one example I especially like because he confronts a muslim about womyns’ rights.  You see it is obvious she has been coached to say this.  These women were coerced into speaking out at these talk shows. Forced by certain males, perhaps some religious heads of areas, into try and defend the immoral teachings of their faith that is reflected in their culture, in the treating of womyn.   Hitchens sees right through this taqiyya and defeats her on every point!

I may be a christian, but Hitchens was very vocal in his defense of the West and an ardent activist who opposed the islamization of Europe and America.  His death was a painful and unnecessary one.

Rest in Peace.

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