Beware of impostors

It looks like the pathetic men’s rights movement is going to try and start up “false flag” blogs.  This is essentially the same thing that the Soviet Union and Nazi German would do in order to make their enemies look bad.  Who are their enemies, well feminists are up there of course for the mysogynists, but also immigrants, anti-racists, gays, whatever. If you regurgitate their own bullshit back to them eloquently, they might even pay you for it.But of course the men are oblivious to this, and still think that they’re smarter than us which is the ironic part

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a saboteur. We are naturally smarter than the feminists (in fact, objectively better in every conceivable way),

This of course goes to show you that men are pitiful and delusional.  They couldn’t win with facts, so they resort to putting words in people’s mouths and pretending that they’ve been hurt.  No surprise that their misogyny goes hand in hand with every single thing that is abhorrent to decent society, like racism.

Despite the MRM’s evident lack of grounding in what they’re talking about, it all boils down to “entitlement through victimization”.  If you’ll allow me a minor dysphemism the most MRA’s (that is men’s “rights” activists) could barely tie their shoes and spend all day writing self-contradictory nonsensical “sentences” that are barely coherent and mostly actually just phrases or sentense fragments filled with grammatical, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors and of course above all are untrue.  The MRM pretends to have the solution for everything but in reality THEY are the problem.

So we need to be careful from now on.  Be aware of those who either sound too good to be true, or those who are so dumb that they must be men.

But most importantly, “don’t feed the trolls”.

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