Being religious doesn’t make you conservative

First off, happy new year!

Being religious doesn’t make you conservative.

There I’ve said it.  In fact, you could actually make the argument that the religious “right” is NOT conservative because they seek to violate the first amendment of the constitution.  I believe that the religious right is, in fact, not conservative by any means.  If you actually sit down and read some of the things they are saying, they’re pretty much indistinguishable from the America-hating, anti-semitic islamic terrorists.  Don’t believe me?  Take this quiz.

when you get down to it, the so-called “religious Right” is actually leftist in nature.  You see them up in arms about novels like Harry Potter (which they call “blasphemous”).  Why would a real conservative believe in censorship?  In fact when you get down to it, the USSR also wasn’t exactly friendly towards members of the LGBTQI community.  Real conservatives would believe in equal rights, not in selective treatment.

True conservatives believe in less government, and that the government should be reduced because it’s too big.  The radical religious right is not conservative at all, however, because first of all, they want to legislate morality, and that would require expanding the government.  And the religious “right” does not want to conserve the status quo.  Much like the left, they seeks to overthrow many longstanding American traditions and institutions or at least to radically change their outworking.  They are working so very hard to destroy western civilization.  The difference is religious “right” wants to use government to force their “moral” agenda on others. Whereas, the left wants to use the government to promote social programs and transfer wealth from the rich to the poor (albeit with good intentions).

It might be true that what was considered “liberal” 100 years ago is considered “conservative” now.  But it is irrational, not to mention morally relativistic, to think that we can turn back the clock.  If we want to go back 50 years, who’s to say we can’t go back 100 years, 500 years, or 5000 years?  The thing is that civilization develop a set of traditions, practices or customs that grow to solve certain problems of human existence. Conservatives argue that we should have a presumption in favor of such institutions, rather than changes to them. Institutions reflect the wisdom of the collective human intellect.  Those who don’t trust the modern world, are against progress (another trait of leftists).

The government’s priority is to protect our rights and to make sure that we can live safely within our borders. Abortion, stem cell research, and civil marriage for all, do not inherently meet this standard. These are almost exclusively individual or family decisions that have no impact on society at large. The do not infringe on the rights of others. Asking the government to micromanage or disallow individuals to make decisions on these things is very intrusive and inhibits our personal freedoms.

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