Winning the culture war against Shariah

I one of the most important things about winning the war on terror is winning on the home front.  When we fought the Nazis, we all pitched in.  The media cooperated with the federal government in presenting a pro-American culture and help with the war effort.  And I might add, it was during the Second World War, that women became prominent in fighting against our enemies.

Women and feminists, have a huge role to play in defeating shariah.  What we need to do is an all-out effort which is decidedly pro-Western and pro-Israel, while also being pro-feminist, pro-gay, and anti-racist.  These are all things that the Arabs hate.  The Arabs hate the West and they hate Israel.  They discriminate against women, murder gays, and xenophobia is widespread in almost every non-African, Muslim country.  In defending Jews, women, gays, and minorities at home, we are defending the values of the West.  Nothing could be more conservative than the defense of our secular rights as human beings.

We must be absolutely intolerant, of intolerance and stamp out the attacks by authoritarians who though they are not Muslim in name, are bringing shariah to our shores.  These people after all, erode constitutional principles that have shaped our society and remain at the core of our freedom and liberty.  And what better way to do this than to support everything that they oppose, and oppose everything that they support?  We will also be fighting the terrorists when they do this.

Let us sound out our resounding cry for women’s rights and feminism, for abortions, for gay rights and gay marriages.  Let us voice our support for full freedom of speech, and let cartoons of Muhammad be broadcast back-to-back with vivacious TV shows.  Let us show the strength of our diversity – men of all colors arm in arm, hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder, body to body.  Anyone refusing or condemning this shows his true colors – I question as a dhimmi in league with Islamic extremism.

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