Paul-bots have it wrong, again!

After my last post I had a “flood” of Paul-bots (all three of them) trying to spam my blog and lecture me about the constitution.  I didn’t bother putting up there posts because I knew I’d be able to respond to them and be able to make them look like idiots.

As I point out there are people who I like to call “constitutional fundamentalists”.  They literally take the constition at its word (or the parts of it that they like) and then dismiss other parts of it such as the 14th amendment.  In this way they’re basically like other types of authoritarians who use past documents to justify being authoritarians.  They might claim that they are only trying to get thier rights, but in reality they want to force their beliefs on you.  Social authoritarians sometimes use the Bible to accomplish the same thing and libertarians use the Constitution.  In reality the constitution much like the bible is merely ink on paper and not something sacred but there are people who pretend that it is such.  Libertarians who claim to believe in the constitution are two-faced because the constitution also establishes rule by the people, for the people and of the people.  Hence government is based on democracy & you have people coming together to synthesize something which is better than the some of its parts.  If you want less government then you are saying that democracy is wrong.  Basically it is saying that the people have no right to choose their leaders because you disagree.

In any case the constitution is not a formally or legally binding agreement.  For instance a jihadist isn’t allowed to kill me because his religion says so (although every day our country is getting closer to shiria law). It is merely a series of guidelines for the government to follow.  At its broadest sense, it only dictates what the Federal government can and can’t do. Not only that, but the amendments are just that: an *amendment* which was not a part of the original constitution. It can easily be amended over again to fit the current needs of our society and indeed there are provisions that can be applied to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected.  Indeed there are parts of the constitution that are merely not applicable (hindsite is 20/20) to society today.

So having established that The constitution is only applicable in certain situtiational discourses, we can see that the arguements made by so-called “libertarians” are actually completely refutable & silly to say the least.  The real goal for a Conservative america is that we want a safe place.  For everyone – all the members of society.  The untold damage done by hate speech to society is incalculable, as no one can put a value on the hearts and minds of children who are exposed to this filth. And it does not stop at childhood, hate-speech is damaging to all who are subjected to it whether they are consciously aware of the toll it is taking or not.

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