Great peace. There’s a group of people out there that like to call themselves “traditionalists” can claim that they’re conservative, but the fact is that they are actually left-wing neo-fascists!  I have been following the so-called “traditionalists” and they are pure scum.  They sympathize with pisslam, the suicide cult which worships the moon god, and they hate women and feminism.   They are usually anti-semitic and to top it off throw in stupid ideas like the gold standard or environmantalism into their stupid “ideology”.

As I’ve discussed before authoritarianism is NOT conservative.  Real conservatives should embrace institutions on which society is based.  The “traditionalists” are so alienated from society they are willing to believe in anything as long as it is way off the deep end, or maybe they’re just that insane.

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Revolting Julius Evola and the Blood Axis Fascists

[with special reference to the work of M. Moynihan and J. Godwin]

William H. Kennedy

December 2002

[Updated November 2004]

The ultimate concern of this examination is to demonstrate that the fascist thinker Julius Evola does not belong in the Traditionalist school of thought along with the 20th century pioneers of this perspective Rene Guenon and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. In this regard a close examination of the work of two contemporary Evola promoters – Michael Moynihan and Joscelyn Godwin – will be undertaken. It will also illustrate how neo- fascists have utilized Evola’s ideology to promote social unrest and international terrorism. The motivation for this study stems from scholar and novelist Umberto Eco’s assertion in his essay “Ur-Facism” which appeared in his recent collection of essays entitled Five Moral Pieces (Harcourt, 2002) that the Traditionalist school foments fascism and violence. It will…

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