Another fake muslim hate-crime

This wouldn’t have been an issue if she wasn’t even in the US to begin with.  These people need to get the out with their stone age values and stay in their own countries.  Unlike Trayvon Martin who was an innocent victim, Shaima (if that’s even this “thing’s” real name) was not innocent.  And before we start it’s very likely that it was her husband who killed her but the meida is covering it up.  Of course if it is a honor killing we need to keep on rehashing the fact (however if the perp is black or hispanic I think the media needs to keep silent because racists will use it as an excuse to profile minorities) but fat chance getting that with our pro-Muslim, anti-Jewish/anti-Israel meida.

It’s a well known fact that up to 94% of women in battered women’s shelters come from muslim househoulds.  Irrefutable, unmistakble, undeniable facts will always hurt people’s feelings but just remember the more they whine about “evidence” the more it proves that they’re desperate to deny the honest truth.

good videos:

Old but still true:

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