the racist mentality of ‘palestinians’

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while.  I’ve been very busy as I’m getting ready to finish up my PhD. thesis.  In a month or two with a little bit of luck I’ll have my PhD & the title of “Dr.”  So that is taking priority right now, and I probably won’t update a lot until then.

Anyways I was discussing the so-called Palelstinians with a good friend of mine, Shaun (who I won’t identify by last name) and it occurred to us that the ‘palestinians’ are a very racist people.  You see people often accuse the Jewish people of being racist, but the opposite is true.

The ‘palestinians’ want to destroy Israel just for being a Jewish state.

it should be obvious by now, that the whole reason the construct of a ‘palestinian’ race is there in the first place is because of anti-semitism & the quest for a palestinian nation itself, aka “Arab nationalism” is also based on a social construct.  There is no such thing as an “Arab” race – much the same way there’s not a “white” race but it doesn’t stop the rest of so-called “Arabs” from using this racist idea to defame Israel.

Trying to get independence for palestine is all about creating a racist govt.  They actualy believe that jews don’t deserve Israel because so that palestinians can be governed by the other palestinians.  Of course racism & nationalism is leftist so it’s no surprise that they are like that.  I mean they actually believe that there is some rule that says that “palestinians” can only govern other “palestinians” because of a supposed “palestinian-ness”.

There never was a self-proclaimed “Palestine” until 1948, with reaction to Israel’s rebirth. (the most hateful kind, usually) Notice how white nationalism started off only as a hateful reaction to the Civil Rights movement. Hate and antisemitism is what hateful people spew in response to social progress.

So in reality palestinian racial secessionism is no more valid than southern secessionism or white nationalism.  it has never been about rights, certainly not about the Jewish people’s rights, and not about ideas like tolerance, its not about minority rights. the palestinians are certainly very anti-western, and are a male–dominated society which is common among regressive leftists.  its about nationalism very much a leftist concept, and nationalism as we know it is not where one finds that much tolerance for those who are different.

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3 Responses to the racist mentality of ‘palestinians’

  1. HoodedThis says:

    I agree with what you said in this enticing writing. As a secularist, you can easily notice the anti-secularism of the Palestinians governments. The conflict is mainly an uphill battle of religious intolerance and racial fanaticism.

    Furthermore, you forgot to mention the horror of the establishment of a Palestinian state. According to Hassan Nasrallah, their aspiration is to throw and drown Jews in the Mediterranean sea, to watch them struggling to escape. Their ambition is not only masochistic and pernicious, but it also reflects an unconscionable hatred to a nation and a race they are unfamiliar with. This, of course, is the aftereffect of patriotism: It influences you to hate nations that you are ignorant of. Many patriots fail to realize that there are other people similar to them on the other side of the fence; kids who are playing, mothers who are smiling, teachers who are teaching and workers who are wasting their money on Texas Hold’em. Sorry for the long paragraph and thanks for your lovely writing.

  2. not fooled says:

    “Notice how white nationalism started off only as a hateful reaction to the Civil Rights movement.”
    Quite False, white nationalism preceded the civil rights movement by quite some distance.

    It’s weird you say you are against ethnonationalism, but are a big supporter of Israel, which defines itself in those very terms.

    • Israel is a Jewish state. Judaism is a religion, not a race, but you can still be an atheist and live in Israel. The ‘Jewish’ population of Israel includes people from fifty countries, of different physical types, speaking different languages and practicing different religions (or no religion at all). Israel is one of the most tolerant nations in the world, even more so than America. I have been there myself and have never felt more accepted (despite having been raised xtian and currently being atheist) in my life.

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