Thesis defense is TODAY!

My thesis defense is in a little more than 5 hours.  Basically my thesis is a comprehensive look at 21st century radical movements such as “paleo”-conservatism, men’s rights, the neo-confederate movement, anti-zionism & political islam, their inter relationship, and what steps can be made to deal with them.  For instance, enacting stronger hate speech laws and empowering secondary agencies like the ADL and SPLC to track it.  I also explore how each one threatens the discourse on, say gender or race issues, and then also dissect the movement ideologically.  Altogether it comes to about 120 pages.

I’m a little bit nervous although my advisor says I’ll most likely pass.  She has been enormously supportive of my work and I’m very grateful for that.   So with any luck, in a couple of hours I’ll you can call me “Dr.” FeministConservative!

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