I am a conservative American woman and a feminist with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and women’s studies.  I am currently in my third year of my doctorate in political science.

As both a feminist and a conservative, I believe that women’s rights is one of the hallmarks of Western culture.  It is an integral part of the democracies that exist in the west, and if we want to defend Western culture, we have to embrace feminism; hence the title of this blog.

While I am a conservative, I am not a right-winger.  In reality, the far right and far left are structurally and theoretically identical in their ideological underpinnings.  If you are a right-winger or other type of extremist, don’t even bother commenting because they will not be published.  This blog is to be a hate-free zone, and if you don’t like it, you should find somewhere else to comment.

This blog is 100% pro-Israel and pro-Jewish.  I am not Jewish or Israeli myself.  I was raised Christian and am not very religious.  However, I believe that the Jewish people have the right to secure the existence of their nation and a future for their children.

I am against things such as:

Authoritarianism:  I believe that authoritarianism is a far-left trait.  Authoritarianism is a mental disorder and it is more common than we think.   Those with an “authoritarian” mentality type have a strict superego that controls a weak ego unable to cope with strong id impulses. The resulting intrapsychic conflicts cause personal insecurities, resulting in that person’s superego to adhere to externally imposed conventional norms of a “collective” (conventionalism).

Nationalism: Nationalism, too, is actually left wing, because it sees people not as individuals but as part of a structural superstructure in which they are to be exploited and seen than less than the individual that they are.  Internationalism on the otherhand calls for individuals to unite without regard for their background, heritage, religion, or creed.  We only need to look at historically left-wing nations like China, the Soviet Union, or North Korea to realize that they were all hypernationalistic.  Ethnonationalism should always be avoided.

Sexism, racism, and homophobia: Being that I am a feminist, I will naturally be against sexism.  Racism is essentially the same thing as nationalism.  Just as nationalism sees one country – an arbitrary group of people – as being better than another, racism sees a race – another arbitrary group of people – as being better than one another.  I also believe that we need to take a strong stand against hatred.  Diversity and tolerance are the strengths of many democracies; on the other hand, our despicable hate-filled enemies, including the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 despise tolerance.  Thus, I support members of the LGBTI community.


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  1. YellowKitty says:

    Apologies but I believe that this blog has been mistitled. Technically you’re not a conservative. You don’t support authoritarianism, believe the right and the left to be the same (which is a liberal trait), have abandoned religion, oppose nationalism, support democracy, homosexuality and transgenderism and so forth. You’re not a hard liberal but you fall anywhere in the soft liberal category (e.g. classical liberal, libertarian, neoconservative) and you’re far from being a conservative. You’re a neoconservative. Why?

    1 – You support in protecting the Israeli state and promote freedom and democracy abroad.
    2 – You’re a cultural liberal (social liberal) and secular minded.
    3 – You’ve had a college degree and wouldn’t mind economic freedom (fiscal conservatism).

    Hopefully I’ve helped with the confusion. Good luck on your endeavours.

    • Being religious doesn’t make you a Conservative. You can be “religious” but be a muslim or a member of the Westboro Baptist Church and hate everything that America is supposted to stand for.

      • YellowKitty says:

        Religion may not make a person politically conservative, since political “conservatism” may be of the soft liberal variety, but it makes a person theologically conservative. The more theologically liberal a religion becomes, the more it decreases, corrupts and vanishes. Try googling “Neoconservative”. I think this faction is more up your alley. Hugs.

  2. racist moron says:

    “I believe that the Jewish people have the right to secure the existence of their nation and a future for their children…..Ethnonationalism should always be avoided.”


    • Nice try. But the point you’re trying to make is invalid because “Judaism” is not a race. Even if that wasn’t true, only racists see race (like certain whites or in this case Arabs), so your point is moot.

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